Individual Consultation
Licia was great to work with, she was patient with my lack of knowledge about web sites and computers. She went over the content of my site, helped me to focus my message and made sure my site comes up on the first page of search engine searches.
Kathy Memel, Ph.D. Beverly HIlls, CA

Individual Consultation
Licia is great to work with. As a seasoned psychotherapist, she ‘gets’ the business from all angles, and is one of the savviest people I’ve ever met. She has a talent for explaining search engines and web sites without making you feel stupid. Plus she has a good sense of humor, and is fun to work with. Go ahead and spend the money — she’s worth it.
Darren Haber, MFT Los Angeles, CA

Group Workshop
Licia’s marketing workshop was very helpful. She gives you all the tools you need to have a full practice, and is genuinely invested in your success. Alan Gordon, LCSW painpsychotherapy.com Santa Monica, CA

I had both an individual consultation with Licia and attended one of her marketing classes. I found her to be very helpful. She went through developing foundational concepts to developing a niche and using various marketing strategies. The class was very organized and the written workbook was very useful. Overall she helped me get focused and develop a plan for how to best start my practice and get it thriving.
Hillary Lipstein, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Psychotherapy for Youth and Adults
Located at:
Well Being Medical Center
Integrative Medicine for the Whole Family
(310) 395-0077
900 Wilshire, Suite 314
Santa Monica, CA 90401

CAMFT Annual Conference Presentation
I really enjoyed your presentation. It was realistic and genuine. I feel hopeful to have met a person who is a combination of a business and a great therapist. Shelly Ware

Postings on web: Steven Reidbord, M.D. • Wow… I just checked my Google search results. My website now enjoys first-page ranking not only for “san francisco psychiatry” and “psychiatrist san francisco”, but also “psychotherapy san francisco” and “san francisco psychotherapist.” Competition for these latter search terms is huge. Prior to making the changes suggested here, a mere 2 weeks ago, I was running about page 20 for psychiatrist searches, and much lower for psychotherapy. Wow! I tweaked my site again tonight, changed the tagline and some text, and now plan to leave it as-is for a while. Thank you all again, especially Cyndee and Licia

Individual Consultation
I’m very impressed with and very grateful for the attention you’ve paid to making my website more complete, more client friendly and more optimizable.
You’ve given me a boost of new motivation to “dig in” to my site. I’ll be working on the changes this weekend :-).
Marc Bertone, MFT, Irvine, CA.

Santa Barbara AAMFT Presentation
Licia presents one of the best workshops that I have attended. A wealth of information in a short period of time. I would love a full day presentation.
Evelynn Smith, Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara AAMFT Presentation
Great presentation! Would have loved to hear more. As a current grad student, I would love to hear more about breaking into private practice.
Anne Johnson, Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara AAMFT Presentation
you-we-need a bit more time with! Great stuff. I’m amazed Antioch doesn’t offer a biz/marketing class.
Laura Hout, Santa Barbara, CA

CAMFT Annual Conference Presentation
Very helpful-looking forward to getting my website up.
Yvette Hinojosa Espinoza

Postings on web: David O. Saenz PhD, EdM, LLC (Consulting Psychologist) • Cyndee and Licia… I almost forgot, the outcome from your joint advice (especially yours Cyndee in our e-mails) was that my therapy/evaluations business (which is 50% of my practice) increased by 35-40% in a matter of 2 months. So, having my site move from 50+ pages away from the 1st page to the “front of the pack” was just the beginning, the second part was the rewording of the website (based again on advice gleaned here), which generated the rest of the business. Cannot thank you both enough.