Building a Successful Private Practice with
Practice Management and Marketing

I have been helping people for many years and I can teach you how to create a successful private practice through practice management and marketing. Together we will walk through the steps and support you through the process with personal attention and direction.

My fees may seem high but keep in mind the investment you make today in your business will return with the increased referrals and income you make in the long run. The money I have invested in web design and consultation has paid for itself many times over.

I keep the groups small so you reap the benefits of a group experience (the more minds the better) and get my personal attention. I am a CE Provider and can offer CE’s to MFT, LPCC, LEP, and LCSW’s. I  believe a good support group offers great brainstorming, emotional support, editing and content review and at various times have an ongoing support group. Here we continue to create and fine tune marketing materials, map out marketing and business plans, review and edit as we go along and support each other through the trial and error process.


Individual Consultation

Book any amount of time with me and we can meet in person, on the phone or over the Internet. You will get personal attention for all practice development, marketing, business management and the development of a web presence including website design and optimization, basically everything I know about doing business in a private practice.

Groups – Video Conferencing

Private Practice Development and Marketing Intro Workshop. This workshop covers all the basics of starting or expanding a private practice. Creating a business and marketing plan, exploring your own resistance to marketing, the different ways of practice management; billing, insurance, hiring outside help, office policies, forms and ethical compliance with your licensing board. We review all the different ways of marketing and what works for you.

4 workshop series: : In this series of workshops we take all the information offered in the Intro course and put your product together. As a group we can put our collective creativity together and go over our marketing and business plans. You create materials; have them edited, tweaked and set up to go. Create your niche in this field and expand your referral network. Learn what has worked for others, what may work for you or how to tweak something so it fits your mind set. It always helps to have a support system as you go through this. I have learned the hard way that when I don’t have someone review my work I make mistakes. You have seen many emails or newsletters from me where I have made mistakes with email or website links. It all comes from me rushing and not taking the time to have someone review what I have done.

Creating an online presence, my orientation has been to do it for as little cost as possible. So far I have only paid for my online yellow pages ad the hosting of my website. We will create free listings for you, help you write the content and create or improve a website if that is what you want.

Put Together Your Own Group

I also know sometimes dates or time do not fit your schedule or you may be far away. We can put together a group online or if possible I may e able to come to where you are.